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"Once upon a time, the very eyes in which I gazed upon you with were like an ocean, never running dry, when the damn broke the rivers ran free, yet like all great things have to end they dried up leaving the eyes I gaze upon you with barren, so barren they burn like the Sahara, Leaving the view i had that was once great and full of life, empty, cracked, shifted like the sands, and grainy. When the sun fell and the moon rose above this desert, the night, the darkness became my friend. Where my secrets hide and my habits of destruction reside. Im distorted like the figures that I lay an eye on, things have become blurry. The ground on which I stand has died. I have become one with the my mind and the end of my own consciousness. Yet I live amongst the walking dead who have been put under a new light. I’ve found a new respect for them. They are misunderstood."

- unknown


This lake im sat by is perfect